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Féile na Saoirse – Féile beag le Fís Mór

Thosaigh an féile beag seo sa bhliain 2015 i bPoll an tSomais, ceantar Iorras, Co. Maigh Eó. Áit iarghúlta sa Ghaeltacht is ea é seo a raibh aighneas ann le fada mar gheall ar an gcomhlint timpeall an “Corrib Gas” project.

An fís a bhí ann leis an bhféile seo ná go mbeidh am don oidhreacht agus don timpeallacht, ag ghlacadh le ónóir agus dignit na ndaoine i dtradisiúin na Gaeltachta. Le cabhair ó aoianna speisialta tógáil na mbáid, Pádraig Ua Duinnín agus Donal Mac Polin, tógadh currach beag trí mhean na Gaeilge le cabhair ón gcomhphobail.

Tháinig radio na Gaeltachta agus rinne siad clár radio iontach deas – le agallamh, ceol agus an obair ag dul ar aghaidh ar an currach sa chúlra.


Féile na Saoirse – which translates as Festival of Freedom, started in 2015 in the Gaeltacht of Iorras Co. Mayo. Honouring local tradition and heritage, coming together and sharing an opportunity to speak the local language, remember the past, imagine a positive future and create together. The region and local community had suffered due to the Corrib Gas pipeline project which was objected to due to concerns for health and wellbeing of both the local population and the local environment – not to mention the sense of national resources being ‘given away’ by the government of Ireland and a sense of a colonial story – and lack of vision.

A programme was recorded during the currach building by Radio na Gaeltachta featuring interviews with well known locals, historians, musicians and others.

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le buíochas mór do muintir na háite agus do Gluaiseacht agus Radio na Gaeltachta comh maith a thug tacaíocht don bhféile seo.

Féile beag le Fís Mór! – A little Festival with a Big Vision

Join us in Erris, Co. Mayo on 17th to 23rd of August 2015 for Féile na Saoirse!

Féile na Saoirse is a vision of Sharon Ní Chuilibín through the support of friends local people. Mindful of the many struggles and suffering that this beautiful Gaeltacht region of Erris has endured, Féile na Saoirse aims to foster a space for celebration, healing and empowerment for the local community. Celebrating the rich maritime heritage and the Irish language as well as providing an opportunity for locals and visitors alike to share skills, hear stories and enjoy the beautiful Mayo countryside; Féile na Saoirse is a soulful reminder of the indomitable spirit of this area.

Bígí linn i gCo. Maigh Eó do Féile na Saoirse – Féile beag le Fís Mór ag bheidh ar súil idir 17ú agus 23ú Lúnasa den bhliain seo!

Is fís é seo – ag plé le síol an dóchais ar imeall na hEorpa, chun spás a cothú don dtochaí ina mbeidh an fréamh den gcultúr agus an sláinte mar croí ann – sláinte sa chorp, anam is intinn.

“Tír gan teanga – Tír gan Anam”

In using and our native Irish language, we stand with the many disempowered cultures across the world who are also loosing language and culture – we stand in humility.
This is not an easy stand to take.
The day is closing for Fossil Fuels as across the earth people rally support to a new paradigm. Let us have the courage to envision a bold and bright future for our children. Where they can live with self determination and not fall foul of a brutal homogeneity where a majority are expected to have to leave their homes to find meaning and purpose and forget, perhaps, to look within. A future where the traditions and culture of our ancestors has not been traded for convenience but has found new life in an ever evolving dialogue. Where true abundance is found in difference and in the particularity of every place with a living language and a sense of where we are coming from – to know where we are going; and to steer our own course.
Much of our task is in education and awareness raising and to build an reality in hope for what can be. Sending a ray of light and hope from Ireland, of the great Green Heart,
With confidence.

Go n-éirigh an bóthar linn!
Sharon Ní Chuilibín
Croi Glas

Le tacaíocht ÓGluaiseacht


The Currach and Renewable Energy Workshops are happening in Pollathomas. Other workshops are subject to change and may be weather permitting.

Links to more info – Tuilleadh Eolais!

Fuinneamh in-athnuaite / Renewable Energy Workshop

This workshop will enable participants to set up their own off grid system at home. Handouts and all materials are provided. The cost is 50 euros over two days.

Ag tógáil Currach / Currach building workshop

This workshop is set at 80 euros for the week, this includes tuition, hands on experience to enable participants to go on to build a currach independently for themselves in the future. Handouts and all plans and design details are supplied but participants are invited to bring their own tools if they can.

    Cá bhfuil muid?

    Directions for Visitors



About Erris
Erris – Best Place to Go Wild in Ireland.

    The competition was a hunt for the best places in the 32 counties to experience nature, from empty beauty spots, to dramatic locations that let visitors actively engage with nature through sports such as climbing, surfing, walking, biking or kayaking.

    In late March, we asked readers to suggest their personal favourites, and in the weeks that followed, more than 3,800 people took to our website to tell us about a wealth of locations around the country.

    We put their nominations before our panel of judges and then visited all the top contenders.

    The winning place, we decided, should be reasonably accessible while relatively unexplored. It should offer contrasting topography, healthy biodiversity and opportunities to interact with the natural world in a variety of ways, from gentle strolls through lengthy cycles to mad coasteering.

    From a shortlist of five ravishing locations, we could choose only one winner.
    And here it is, the Best Place to Go Wild in Ireland 2014: Erris, Co Mayo.

    From an articles by Irish Times online visited 14th July 2015.


Fuinneamh in-athnuaite / Renewable Energy


Beidh cursa faoi fuinneamh in-athnuaite ar siúl do dha lá mar pairt de Féile na Saoirse ar an 18iú & 19iú Lúnasa. Beimid ag clúdach bun-pointí sochrú suas corais leictreachas gan eangach (off-grid) le painéal gréine agus tuirbín gaoithe. Beidh obair praiticiúil i gceist leis an gcúrsa seo freisin ag déisiú 4.2m tuirbín a fuair buille tintrí i mbliana. Líon teoranta aiteanna le fáil.

A 2 day renewable energy course will be held as part of Feile na Saoirse on the 18th & 19th of August. The course will cover the basics of setting up a off-grid system with solar panels and windturbines. It will also include practical work on fixing up a 4.2m turbine that was damaged by lightning earlier this year. Places limited so booking required.

le Eoin ‘O Leidhin

Clár Imeachtaí- Programme of Events

There are three parts to this festival.


As a community gathering the essence is that of collaboration and co-creation.
People are invited to offer talks and share skills in line with the theme of the festival – being one of connection with Irish Heritage, Sustainability and Hope.

There are two main workshops – the major one is that of currach building over five days with Pádraig O Duinnín.

The second Workshop is that of sustainable energy- DIY solar panels and a wind turbine.

Film screenings are to be organised in the local hall and open to the public. The Films shown relate to the theme of the sea, tradition boats and maritime culture of Ireland. In this vein of engaging the local community, a family fun day is also planned for Saturday 22nd.

A launch of the currach – all being well- is to be open to the public on the Sunday with a celebration of all that has been achieved.

Main Workshops:

Currach Building – P. O’ Duinnín(Tues-Sat)

A boat building workshop through the Irish language with Meitheal Mara founder and presenter of TG4’s “Muintir na Mara” Pádraig ‘O Duinnín. The location for this workshop is in the coastal village of Pollathomis.
Over five days a Dunfanaghy Currach is to be built using traditional methods. There is a capacity for eight people on this workshop. Participants must be committed to working for the five days on the project.
The boat itself is to be gift for the local community in solidarity with a vision of living in harmony with nature. The launch of the boat will be on Sunday morning at Pollathomas Strand.

Sustainable Energy Workshop – Solar Panels / Wind Turbine with Eoin ‘O Leighin

Tuesday 17th -Wednesday 18th August

This is a workshop to learn the basic skills to build solar panels and the intricacies of Wind Turbine construction. On Tuesday and Wednesday this will be a workshop for eight persons.

As there are a limited amount of places on these workshops. Please contact us asap if you wish to participate.

Family Fun Day

Saturday 22nd August

Outdoors Activities including fun Yoga for Children, Fr. Ted Comedy Sports Day,
Clowning and live music – Drumming Workshop (to be confirmed)


The Atlanteans –le Bob Quinn
Tory – LughFilms

There is a chance to organise a boat trip around the bay if numbers are interested.

Snail - Moira Timma_NEW

Féile beag le fís mhór – a little festival with a big vision

Come Join us in Erris 17th to 23rd of August- Limited Tickets Available.
Come Join us in Erris 17th to 23rd of August- Limited Tickets Available.

Féile = Festival

Saoirse = Freedom

What does “Freedom” mean to you?

Set in the beautiful Mayo Gaeltacht( Irish Speaking) region of Iorras – Féile na Saoirse aims to be a catalyst

to provide practical skills of traditional crafts and a vision inspired by the resilience of Nature.

Participate in five days of exploratory creativity and community, at the Wild edge of Europe!

Workshops, Talks and Activities to be confirmed include:

Traditional Boat Building skills

Sustainable Energy

  •  Kombucha- it’s many health and beauty benefits!
  • Basic Herbalism- uses and applications -tinctures, infusions and creams.
  • Foraging and Cooking with Seaweeds
  • Natural Beauty Care
  • Yoga for Children and Adults

Arts and Crafts

Drawing in Nature

Fun and Games